A Remembrance of Life

20171030_Cemetery2Halloween is a holiday I’ve always been ambivalent toward but became a date I’ve come to dread.

My baby Dalton would have been 17 today. 17!

On the way to the hospital that fateful day, we thought he picked the perfect day to be born – all that candy and a built-in celebration. Then, no heartbeat. Instead of happiness and celebration, there were tears and despair.

What would he have been like? Would he be an achiever like his brother? Would the two of them have been best buds, or in competition with each other? Both maybe. Would he be overprotective of his little sister? Maybe a little annoyed by her? I can only imagine.

textgram_Dalton Info

I needed to remind the world of his life today, brief as it was. He means the world to me, and I grieve him to this day.

The moments of his life were limited, but the memories are infinite.

Hold your babies (young and old) today. Hug your Mom, too. She loves you.

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