Healing Creativity

What a glorious feeling to be doing things I enjoy again!

A welcome sign that I am healing and recovering from my depression and anxiety is that I’ve had both ideas and the motivation to accomplish some creative projects.

With few exceptions, it has been years since I have had the mindset to harness my originality and talent. I had always been too tired, too busy, or felt too blah to spend the time and effort on anything other than what needed to be done.

Entering the room with this memo station I embellished and arranged puts a smile on my face.  (Much better than the ugly, disorganized mess I had previously.)

Memo Station

Backing out of the driveway and catching a glimpse of my front steps with the wreath I created, the bench I repainted to add some color, and the beautiful potted plants instantly uplift me.


I feel that I’ve regained a part of myself and, in turn, that does even more to assuage the negative thoughts and positively impact my life and the lives of the rest of my household.

Make sure that whatever path you choose in life, you don’t allow the must-dos to keep you from doing things to keep yourself healthy and bring some joy into your life.


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